New Riders

We welcome all new riders to HorseSense NJ!!

Our goal is to teach proper horse care and basic riding to everyone who likes horses, wants to own a horse or just be around these magnificent animals. There is so much more to the horse then just a quick ride! Horses are incredibly sensitive animals in tune with their surroundings and willing to teach good horse sense to anyone willing to learn. Horses are very therapeutic; we corral this ability and incorporate it into our programs.

We look forward to all of our new riders becoming returning riders! Safety is our number one priority at HorseSense, and to ensure the safety of our riders and horses, please be sure to review and complete the following before your first rid. (completion of the forms ahead of time will also make your registration process smoother to give you more time horseback!)

  • Please be sure to read over the Rules for Participants before coming for your first ride!
  • Please complete the HorseSense Release Form that will allow riders to begin their lessons
  • Please complete the Medical Release Form so that we can best make preparations to ensure the rider has a safe and enjoyable time on our horses.

We look forward to having you ride with us!

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